AMB - Get Loose
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Calling Budapest his home, AMB is producing some tracks that are seriously mind blowing. Hard at work, Ambrus has been involved with making music since 2000. With remixes for OPIUO, over 18 releases on Adapted Records, Simplify Recordings, Muti Music and Ministry of Sound with remixes by VibeSquaD, K Theory, Mr. Bill, Mouldy Soul and more. Shows all around the world, AMB provides us with some of the most stunning Glitch Hop in the game.

This new ‘Get Loose’ EP includes three bangin’ hot tracks with sound to blow you off your seat. Kicking things off with the skippy vocals of the title track Get Loose, you won’t have a choice to throw it all down and let it take you over. The harmonica in Get Up sets the tone for this funk-tastic jam. The chest crunching basses will have you swaying to the singing guitar leads. Sewer Mouth will rocket you into the future of glitch hop. Bubbly, metallic sounds that are sickeningly entertaining, along with creepy vocals and dark, complex sound design; this track will melt your face clean off. Perfectly executed, AMB will undoubtedly get you loose with this unreal EP.

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