Hey guys,

I’ll be posting random production tips here from now on, intending to keep it updated on a fairly regular basis if it seems to work out.

But apart from just me telling you what I have found to work for me, I’m keen to hear your input, ideas, thoughts, or if you found a better/ easier/ simpler way to go about a trick, etc. It’d be cool to see this work as a two-way thing and start a nice discussion going that we can all learn from.

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I’m also open to ideas on what particular areas you want me to post about, just stick your suggestions below in the comments. My main and favourite fields apart from general production are mixing and mastering. You’re welcome to post questions as well and I’ll do my best to find the time and reply to all of them.

I’ll start with written posts for now, then later if it seems to make sense I might go on to do more complex stuff with examples, downloadable projects, video tutorials as well – just let me know if you guys are up for it.

Read tip number one!


  1. Thomas

    December 19, 2013 (06:36) Reply

    Basics of glitch hop, basses, some tips and tricks and drums. That’s what I would like

  2. Oliver Klozzoff

    December 19, 2013 (20:17) Reply

    I am super happy to see this. Can not wait to learn from Mr. AMB himself 🙂 great idea mate

  3. khimbo

    December 19, 2013 (21:49) Reply

    what a good idea, im waiting for it!
    i am especially interested in your workflow and your famous sample editing skills:)

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