Give your tracks the AMB polish!

When you work countless hours on a record, you want your mastering guy to have a really high attention to detail to correct any issues that might arise and to enhance and get the best out of your work. I will always notify you about potential problems I might spot in your mix and will offer various solutions. I am flexible and don’t mind if a job takes more time to get the best possible result.

Usually for a first job I will try and aim for a middle ground in terms of RMS / dynamics / spectral content, to leave room for fine tweaking according to personal preference.

I have worked with a number of artists and labels as a mastering/ mixing engineer (co-producer at times), here are some of them:


  • Awards: Stand Firm / Balance: Fonogram – Hungarian Music Awards, Best Hungarian Electronic Music Recording in 2015
  • Multiple nominations (Fonogram – Hungarian Music Awards)
  • Several tracks with over a million views on Youtube

Cloud 9 +

  • Awards: Multiple nominations (Fonogram – Hungarian Music Awards)

Also worked with: ill. Gates, Kalya ScintillaKaminanda, Merkaba Records, Deya Dova, Mindex, Dubsective, Freddy Todd, Glitch Hop Community, JPOD, Mr. Bill, Circuit Bent, ChrisB, jOBOT, Knowa Knowone, Staunch, Mustard Tiger, Griff, Fine Cut Bodies, Dan F, DJ Hyper, Goosebumpz, Mongoose, Chi Recordings, Adapted Records, Enig’matik Records, Headshotboyz, iamyank, Beatman & Ludmilla, Anima Sound System, Muriel, Zsuzsa Varga, Kowalski meg a Vega, Hangart Studio, and many more.

Gear List

  • DAWs: Apple Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Bitwig Studio
  • Universal Audio: Ampex® ATR-102 Mastering Tape Recorder,
    Teletronix LA-2A Compressor, UA 1176, Fairchild 660/670 Compressor, Pultec Pro EQ, Lexicon 224 Reverb, EMT 140 Reverb, UA 610-B Tube Preamp, Precision Mix Rack, Helios 69 EQ
  • iZotope: Ozone 7 / Alloy 2 / RX 4 / Nectar 2 – All Advanced
  • Waves: PuigChild 670, Kramer Tape/ PIE, H-Reverb, H-Comp,
    Reel ADT, Max Volume
  • Native Instruments: Vintage Compressors (2A, 76, 160), Supercharger GT, Solid Bus Comp
  • IK Multimedia: TR EQ 432 Mastering EQ
  • Klanghelm: MJUC
  • Valhalla: Room, Ubermod


Single track mastering
40,- USD

– 1 modification
– Master WAV in one format chosen by artist (typically 16bit 44.1kHz)

Multi track mastering
1.5 x single track price

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